What Chicken Wings Can Do To A Person.

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Today I ate chicken wings for lunch and it is now my FAVORITE food, snack, whatever thing, EVER. To be honest it changes a person.
My mom made 11 chicken wings, I ate 6, Calli (my friend) ate 3, and Michelle (another friend) ate 2, so I don't mind if you say I have big appetite, because I do, I know that very much.

So, I just wanted to post about how much I love chicken wings.
And now it is time for Chocolate Pie. YAY!!

Clo's Adeus:


Xo Chloe :P

The Power of ? ... WHAT exactly?! AUNT'S!!!

Well I'm pretty sure I have the best aunt Bailee in the world. Aunt Ky, don't worry you are the best Aunt Ky in the world. Well, anyway she bought me these:

YES: Purple UGG's.

So thank you so much Aunt Bailee, I wore them the next day to school.

After my meet!!

Monday, February 21, 2011
Well I'm back from my meet in La Paz, and I am so happy to be home! I missed my home, my bed, and my TV, (everything was in spanish, it was annoying).

I won:
1# on beam.
1# on bars. (still shocked)
2# on floor.
2# on vault.
2# all around.

I competed against my team-mate Lizeth, which I think is pretty awesome because it is just us.
I am really proud of my team mate Lizeth, she did very well. It was a really long trip, but I'm still proud of myself and my team (although we got robbed in medals, yes robbed). Man,
gymnastics is sometimes REALLY weird and strange.

You can see the videos and pictures of the meet on my moms Facebook or my Aunt Kylee's blog: Two Pretzels - www.twopretzels.com/.

Kk - blogging out - xo chloe :P

Helping Aunt Ky.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Well tonight after gym I went to Aunt Kylee's to help my new baby cousin Vivienne stay AWAKE, because she will not sleep when she is supposed to but she sleeps at any other time of the day, and so I helped her stay awake. When she tries to fall asleep, I bounce her and I rock her and say sshshshshshshsh and 'wake up Vivi'. After a while my back starts to hurt and I want to give her back to Aunt Ky.

I feel bad for my teacher, Alma because she has to stop nursing her baby boy, Trevor, because of meeds she has take for personal reasons. She was sad for awhile at school.

And now, I am watching an engaging show "Left at the Altar" (get it...engaging???). My mom said that one of the guys got left because he had horrible hair and a bad accent. She's mean (but I agreed a little bit).

So that's pretty much what happened today. C ya. Chloe, blogging out.



I have decided to... BLOG AGAIN!! Yay! But this time it will be different. I am gonna use my Aunt Kylee, my mom, and Max as my inspiration, well I'll use the rest of the family, but mostly those three. So get ready for a fun, awesome, new, different, and EXCITING blog, by me Chloe Pacholski.
I promise I will start blogging for real tonight or tomorrow.

Here is me now:



Monday, June 22, 2009
She was born on June 21 at 11:55 on Father's Day,COOL...

I went to the Hospital today to see my Aunt Ky and Lila, but they didn't let me in because your have to be 12 and older.=(

So now I'm watching TV with my brother (the womanizer).

I'll give more info on Lila tomorrow well that's when I will meet her.



Tuesday, June 16, 2009
On Saturday and Sunday I had my compitition, my team won alot of medals.
We had lots of fun in ''Aguascalientes'', even in the hotel.

I won 4 medals:
1 (bars)
1 (beam)
1 (floor)
1 (vault)

How many trophy's:
1 (for alaround)

GO HINOGYM!!!!!!!!


Oh ya Aunt Ky call my mom if you're having Lila. OOOOOKKKKKAAAAAYYYYY?????